Games Like
No Other

We put fun,creativity and innovation into every game we produce. we craft exciting and original experiences across a growing variety of genres

Impossible Quiz

Impossible Quiz is an intellectual challenge game, a game of mind-storming, off-the-beaten-path thinking, in which the answers are funny and completely unexpected.

Nitro Time

Nitro Time is an agile car game in which the player drives a car to obtain as much coins as possible in different planets.

Mr. Pistol

Mr.Pistol is a puzzle shooting game in which the players play as a lone gunman and complete impossible tasks in different scenes.

The Chef

The chef is a simulation game in which you can manage a restaurant and serve the foods customers ordered within the required time.

Match time

Match time is a 3D challenging matching game. In this game, you need to match the 3D toys on the screen within the specified time to pass the level

Quick Question

The long-awaited quiz game Quick Question is finally here, let's challenge ourselves together

The Kings

The Kings is an app that integrates Baloot card game and social life.