Pure classic baloot gameplay.While playing the game, players can get a very good social experience

original unique ranking system

The Kings has its original unique ranking system, players can keep playing games to get competitive points, thereby improving the ranking, and playing special cards can also accumulate competitive points for you. The higher the rank, the stronger the card skills. Exciting cup game gameplay, players can participate in official, clan, and personally initiated cup games. Cup games have a lot of coin rewards. 

very good social experience

While playing the game, players can get a very good social experience. In addition to ordinary chat, players can send gifts to each other, and can also establish group or clan with friends. The community has a richer social scene. Players can use drift bottles to chat with strangers, or they can directly make friends with online players through random matching. It is an app that can let you play cards and make friends at the same time.

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